Faith is a Natural Dog

Avast Everyone! Faith is doin' better - she wanted me t' let ye know that. The winsome lass celebrated that comely wench 11th birthday with soldiers at th' airport, an' we met an' hugged as many as we could. The winsome lass's been very excited lately t' meet more soliders an' patients at th' Hanger Prosthetics an' Orthotics Clinic in Oklahoma City, where she is bein' fitted fer that comely wench new "harness" type prosthesis.  It is a one-o'-a-kind, an' has no nay ne'er been created in th' past. Our good matey Chris L. is t' thank, and a bucket o' chum! The winsome lass has been one o' Faith's biggest fans an' supporters.  MORE news as it comes! Prepare to be boarded! I just wanted t' ye know that Faith is doin' very well. The winsome lass's older o' course, but she be still got that big smile o' hers, an' she be willin' t' share it with everyone she meets. Fetch me spyglass, ya bilge rat! Thank ye fer continuin' t' love that comely wench an' support that comely wench. Yaaarrrrr! It really means so much t' our family t' know she is truly loved by so many.

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Faith the Dog

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