Faith is a Natural Dog

Hey Everyone! Faith is doing better - she wanted me to let you know that. She celebrated her 11th birthday with soldiers at the airport, and we met and hugged as many as we could. She's been very excited lately to meet more soliders and patients at the Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics Clinic in Oklahoma City, where she is being fitted for her new "harness" type prosthesis.  It is a one-of-a-kind, and has never been created in the past. Our good friend Chris L. is to thank! She has been one of Faith's biggest fans and supporters.  MORE news as it comes! I just wanted to you know that Faith is doing very well. She's older of course, but she's still got that big smile of hers, and she's willing to share it with everyone she meets. Thank you for continuing to love her and support her. It really means so much to our family to know she is truly loved by so many.

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Faith the Dog

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Faith the Dog's Guest Book

Welcome to the Guest Book - we have limited access to registered members because we were getting hit by a spambot. Celebrity has its price... (-:

Hey you guys it was so great to meet you at the park today!! Your such a blessing Faith and my weenie dog Bear just loved you!! Hope I was able to help!!

I love Faith! She's so precious, and such a huge inspiration!! God bless Faith and her family!

A truly amazing animal as well as her story!

Beutiful life, I will remember about you.

My parents named me Faith A Last when born. (Not last name is Last, and my parents named me Faith Ann so I would be Faith A Last) I was named that because they lost 5 children before I was born thru miscarriages and my brother who only lived 3 days in the hospital. I was born with a birth defect that didnt allow me to walk but with the help of a committed family (much like Faith the Dog) I learned to walk before I was two. At 50 I am now inbetween the wheel chair (about 70% of my time) and walking. My friend sent me the story of Faith the dog because we have some in common, not just our name. Keep the Faith and my God continue to bless you all!

Dear Faith,

I joined this page so that my fiance could have someone in common with her, from now on.

Y'see, my fiance Kristy, has just found out today, (17th May, 2012) that she is to be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her days. The thing is, she's only 33y.o. and has 3 wonderful kids, (That reside with their grandparents)but wishes that she could still have the ability to run around with them and myself when we go to visit them in Christmas. This is really getting her very depressed, and I thought, that if she was able to get a message of hope, and to hopefully help her cheer up to have a friend like you, that she might be okay with the change that has to happen. Please help me to let her see that she is still as gorgeous to me and her friends and family. I really would like to see her smile again.

Jason & Kristy

Hi Jude and Faith,

we have a Dachshund which is paralyzed for over 10 year.
Most people would put him to sleep. But he has no pain and is quite active in and around the house. For large trips I made a car for him in which his back legs hang. He walks for a year ago more than 3 km a day.

Nowadays he is 14 year and is old and retired.
He has no control over his back and so he does his needs wherever he lies. Spite of that i love him and he has no pain so I understand very good your feelings for Faith. Continue and spread this story all over the world.

Greetings from the Netherlands Hub.

I just love Faith.. she is so beautiful and inspires me so much. My mother is semi invalid and was very low last year feeling that she wanted to give up on life... I told her to cherish her life and enjoy the part she was at, right now. Any way, i needed something to inspire her so i made her watch faith on YouTube and it did the trick.

i have a beautiful dog...she is the runt of the litter (I hate that term) she is so small...smaller than a rabbit and the rest of her litter were about 5 times bigger. She was being picked on. I took her on and have really wokred hard to make her feel great...we play all the time and she is really confident and i just love her so much. Dogs and all animals re so special and really do make life so wonderful.

Faith has really touched my life and I am so glad to have this opportunity to say I love you Faith!


Hello Faith and Family,

I joined today because I wanted to tell you how much of an impact Faith has made in my life thus far. First off, I am not someone who cries but when I saw Faith walking I knew she touched some part of me that has been laid dormant for sometime because I sobbed like a baby (its been since 98 that I can remember the last time I cried). It's like I woke up from a long days nap only to discover what in the world I have been doing to myself. For awhile now, I thought I had all the answers or at least could fake it til I make it by pleasing others and telling others what I think they would want to hear but when Faith's You tube video came into my life on 03/02/2012 I knew I had to share. And that was how great God is and how thankful I am for the life I have been given. Too often I questioned why am I here and what purpose I have to share with others and was I good enough to even offer, but the important thing I learned through Faith is that to keep living for Him and being good to myself was the answer I received and that through love all things are possible. I maybe rambling a bit with my words, but I just had to share. Thanks for all you do in touching other people's lives through Faith's story.

God Bless You,

sorry life on the other side of the world. I get a e mail from a friend about Faith. I admire the dog as well the people how take care for the dog and learn him how to walk. I myself was a teacher in in a dogschool and now's how much patience you have to have , i teach people how to work with dogs with behavor problems

Hi Faith and Jude,
I am so happy I met you both yesterday in Indianapolis at the pet expo. I initially saw part of the Oprah episode 1 day channel surfing. Your story really shows that with faith anything is possible. I talked to you Jude about how I was paralyzes a few years back suddenly due to malpractice, however today I'm walking. I truly believe your story is great as it demonstrates that often the main thing one can do is pray for God's answer, not one of what is possible scientifically. I know from experience that with God and your FAITH in him, all is possible. I enjoyed meeting you both. I was very surprised as my daughter, age 5, showed fear and wouldn't take a picture with us. However, as I mentioned to you Jude, it's a fear that brings on memories of a trying time as she was only 18 mo. when I was hurt. I realized that meeting you both yesterday was a great way to discuss fears my
little girl may still have in regards to the disability I suddenly faced, though prior it was more physically noticeable. As I looked up your webpage my little girl was curious as to learn more about Faith. Maybe this connection and my little girls fears can work to continue teaching of love and how much more is possible with God. May you and Faith continue your ministry. Also maybe the future you will consider writing a children's book. Even children with diversity in their families still might heal by learning more about Faith's story. However, my lil girl liked at pictures and videos about Faith for around an hour. I truly believe us meeting was just another way God's working on us all daily.
God Bless,
Casey Baker

Faith's a great dog... My mom even made a message to him then she teached it to our church... I knew him by an email sent to my mom... Such an inspiring dog...

Faith is such an amazing dog. You can' imagine how much fun we're having while watching all these amazing video and photos. Keep up the good work.

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I am from Brazil and I saw the video about Faith in the internet. This video touched my soul, so I did a deep research about her and I finally find this website. Faith is an amazing and incredible dog!!! Also, Faith is a very lucky dog, because she has a wonderful family that knows what is give love and have patience to teach her to walk in two legs. Blessings!

Wow i love Faith..Whenever i feel bit depressed,what i do first u know???
I read the Faith's Story..I get charged & gain confidence..Thank u Faith
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Wow i love Faith..Whenever i feel bit depressed,what i do first u know???
I read the Faith's Story..I get charged & gain confidence..Thank u Faith
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What a wonderful story. Jude & Faith, you're both an absolute inspiration and truly remarkable! I hope this encourages others to help animals and never give up on them. It's fantastic to see the difference you've made to each others lives
All the very best, love and cute kitty sniffs from Bristol, England

hi this is dolly from is too cute..hope her to be fine..i have checked her photos and videos..i wish to meet it and see it live..
thanks for the creation of site and introducing us to gives faith in life in whatever life gifts us..
really u faith..
Film Archive London

Well, I'm glad I 'met' Faith today.
And Jude, ofcourse.
Again, thanks for the fast reply on my email, I wanted to tell this in public as well. You're doing a great job with Faith, she's just adorable.
I linked the site to my facebook, posted a video that I've found on youtube, so my friends will learn about Faith and you.

Love 'n hugs from Belgium


Hello my precious little girl! I miss you and your mom BADLY! I hope you are having a TON OF FUN doing what you do... putting smiles in everyone's hearts! I am just doing homework and wanted to tell you again that I love you and still laugh about the night we got kicked out of Gibson's Steak House! I want to see you soon, so tell your momma that Phoenix needs to see and meet you! Nursing school is almost over now, so I will be working again soon... maybe we should have another "Chicago" party!
All my love,
Uncle Lenny

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