Faith was a Natural Dog

It is with a very heavy soul and grieving heart that I must inform the world, and all of Faith the Dog's friends, fans, family, and loved ones, that she has passed.

She is with Jesus now, and is forever ever evermore running on four perfectly formed and beautiful legs. She is, and will always be, a glorious and wonderful friend. She had such an amazing life.

When I have more time to give her a proper tribute I will do so. For now I ask that you continue to pray for us today. Thank you for your love and support.

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~ Jude Stringfellow

Romy, my disabled 'kitten'

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Well, the story began, somewhere in August2007, when Romy was born. I came into her life about  11 months later, finding her and her sister Abby somewhere on a website of a cat shelter.
They where both disabled, because of in - breed. They came from a guy, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol and didn't actually bother about the cats much. Just throwing them some food and water, was all he did. Or at least, that's what they've told me. 
Anyway, I was interested in both the disabled young ladies, but as Abby was worse, the lady from the cat shelter told me she'd take care of Abby herself, as it was too much work for a young lady like myself. So, I went home with my Romy.
Where Abby couldn't walk, feed on her own, or go to the litter, Romy could do that all by herself. What is wrong with them? Ah, well, they're both balance disturbed. Abby her condition was so bad, she couldn't do anything herself...
Romy regularly trips when she walks. When she wants to go from point A to B, she sees the entire alphabet, as figure of speech. And trips like a zillion times. Yep, she indeed bumps her head regularly, but well...She isn't used to anything else.

I can't let her go outside, so most people never really seen Romy. When I did my story on a cat forum, people told me that I had to put Romy asleep, she'd be suffering less than she'd be when she was alive, people thought of me as selfish, because I wanted Romy to live. Well, I am proving them W R O N G. 
Friends understand me, but it's always a bit of a scare when they first see her. I'm used to it, when she trips and bumps against whatever that's 'in the way', but they all look at her, with those big eyes, afraid she might hurt...or evven kill herself that way.
She indeed lost a tooth by bumping into whatever it was, but I went to the vet, they took the last bit away and that was it. No harm done. 

Romy lives in a house, where she can run around as much as she wants and has 3 cat friends who play/fight with her. The reactions when THEY first seen her. Sometimes they do stare at her and it seems like they're thinking 'What the hell? Freak!' but, oh, well, they do wash her, they're used to her(after 2 years. I moved in here when I had romy already with me). 


Looking at her on this picture, you wouldn't say anything is wrong with her, now would you? :-)


Yeah, she likes bags xD




She likes the most odd places to sleep (under my huge rat cage):


Here you can suspect somethings 'wrong' with her, but still, the cuteness <3

So, that's the story about Romy. She'll be 4 years old this summer. She's absolutely fine and I am happy I am the one who gives her a good home. :-) 

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