Faith was a Natural Dog

It is with a very heavy soul and grieving heart that I must inform the world, and all of Faith the Dog's friends, fans, family, and loved ones, that she has passed.

She is with Jesus now, and is forever ever evermore running on four perfectly formed and beautiful legs. She is, and will always be, a glorious and wonderful friend. She had such an amazing life.

When I have more time to give her a proper tribute I will do so. For now I ask that you continue to pray for us today. Thank you for your love and support.

Condolences and memories may be posted on Faith the Dog's Facebook or the Guest Book on this web site.

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~ Jude Stringfellow

Nemo-another two legged dog

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Nemo is an inbred Blue Heeler born 2/14/2010, and was born without his front left leg (only a tiny nub with one claw), and his right front leg was deformed and had to be amputated.  That doesn't stop him at all though, he doesn't walk around quite like Faith, prefering to hop like a rabbit, but still stands up all the time and will sometimes walk when it's over ground that's uncomfortable, messy, or doorways.  We have tried to get him accustomed to usually a wheelchair, but there's no convincing him that there's anything wrong with him and therefore there's no need for this contraption.  Thankfully he's very small for his breed, which allows him to get around easier with less strain on his legs and back.  I fostered him for several months last year, until he went into his forever home at the end of July 2010.  I'm lucky to still be able to have contact with him and dog sit him from time to time.


(top pic is taken March 2011, bottom pic was taken about April 2010)


Here are some updated videos of nemo
It's so great that you

It's so great that you haven't left him alone)))I am sure that Nemo is so thankful to you))!keep taking care of him))you and your pretty dog are just wonderful!!)))
With love from Russia))

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your nemo is very lucky to

your nemo is very lucky to have you. smiley

he will reward you with lots of love and company. he will be so loyal to you.

nice dog name by the way!

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Bunny Nemo :-) 
Beside, I had to look closely to really see she hasn't got front legs. It's GREAT that you're taking care of Nemo, it's great to see people with a real heart for animals :D

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What a great person you are to help such a wonderful and not give upas so many people wonld have. Animals with disabilities are no different than people with them same issues. They all need love and some time and some extra help along the way. Thank You some much for being that person for Nemo. Pam

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