Faith was a Natural Dog

It is with a very heavy soul and grieving heart that I must inform the world, and all of Faith the Dog's friends, fans, family, and loved ones, that she has passed.

She is with Jesus now, and is forever ever evermore running on four perfectly formed and beautiful legs. She is, and will always be, a glorious and wonderful friend. She had such an amazing life.

When I have more time to give her a proper tribute I will do so. For now I ask that you continue to pray for us today. Thank you for your love and support.

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~ Jude Stringfellow

C.A.R.E. of Strawn, TX

C.A.R.E. stands for "Community Animal Rescue Efforts".  The organization is located in Strawn, TX just outside of Gordon, TX...which is just outside of Stephensville, and just outside of Mineral Wells, TX...oh, OK, it's rather hard to find on a map, but you know what -- they are squarely set in my heart!  The people of C.A.R.E. have managed to adopt over 250 animals in the past 2 years and they don't have an animal shelter to do it out of.  They do it from their own backyards -- and some take on as many as 10 animals at a time because they don't want them being left in RV's, or under houses, or in the streets, and other places without being loved and cared for.  The organization is strictly volunteer and they depend completely on donations. They just got their official 501 standing and can receive as much as you can offer them.  I'm going to make it a goal to get them an animal shelter built so they can house the animals, have them checked by vets, washed, bathed, and cared for round-the-clock and have their adoptions set up like - - well, like they've been doing, but with a shelter!  I can't begin to tell you how proud of these people I am. I really mean it. If you can - - or if you want to donate to them please do.  Their address is:  C.A.R.E., P.O. Box 12, Strawn, TX 76475  you can find their site at:   Tell them Faith and I sent you, I'm rather famous down that way! LOL




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