Faith was a Natural Dog

It is with a very heavy soul and grieving heart that I must inform the world, and all of Faith the Dog's friends, fans, family, and loved ones, that she has passed.

She is with Jesus now, and is forever ever evermore running on four perfectly formed and beautiful legs. She is, and will always be, a glorious and wonderful friend. She had such an amazing life.

When I have more time to give her a proper tribute I will do so. For now I ask that you continue to pray for us today. Thank you for your love and support.

Condolences and memories may be posted on Faith the Dog's Facebook or the Guest Book on this web site.

You can also visit Faith's Facebook Page

~ Jude Stringfellow


Cetyl M and FAITH

Faith has been using a GREAT product by Response Products called "Advanced Cetyl M, Joint Action Formula"

I wanted to let you know how she's been doing on the product so I decided to test her, keep her on the product for a while, and then let you know - - she's awesome. I'm not sure if the product has slowed down or stopped any aging process in Faith, but it has allowed her to maintain the good and healthy life that she has been living. She's 9.5 years old now, so she could and probably should, be showing a bit of age in her joints, hips, and back just as any senior dog would - but so far we don't see any problems. I have to say I'm pretty sure the Cetyl M has been working its magic on her. 

The main ingredients are: cetyl myristoleate and a unique blend of esterified fatty acids. For more detailed information about Cetyl M, or how you can get some for your dog, cat, and even horses...write to:  and/or go to the website at: and see it for yourself.

I'm not just whistling Dixie....(it's a Southern thing) 

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