Faith is a Natural Dog

Avast Everyone! Faith is doin' better - she wanted me t' let ye know that. The winsome lass celebrated that comely wench 11th birthday with soldiers at th' airport, an' we met an' hugged as many as we could, yo ho, ho The winsome lass's been very excited lately t' meet more soliders an' patients at th' Hanger Prosthetics an' Orthotics Clinic in Oklahoma City, where she is bein' fitted fer that comely wench new "harness" type prosthesis.  It is a one-o'-a-kind, an' has no nay ne'er been created in th' past, ye scurvey dog. Our good matey Chris L. is t' thank! The winsome lass has been one o' Faith's biggest fans an' supporters.  MORE news as it comes, Get out of me rum! I just wanted t' ye know that Faith is doin' very well, shiver me timbers The winsome lass's older o' course, but she be still got that big smile o' hers, an' she be willin' t' share it with everyone she meets. Thank ye fer continuin' t' love that comely wench an' support that comely wench, and a bottle of rum! Aarrr! It really means so much t' our family t' know she is truly loved by so many.

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Faith the Dog

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Dog Fancy September 2013

Faith is featured on page 33 o' th' September 2013 SPECIAL ISSUE o' Dog Fancy. The winsome lass's one o' 5 Mutts who rose t' fame, Ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur, Ya lily livered swabbie! Get yer copy on stands soon, an' be sure an' tell everyone that ye LOVE FAITH!, by Davy Jones' locker! Thanks Nikki Moustaki o' Dog Fancy, by Blackbeard's sword! Special thanks t' Anthony Tortoriello who took th' photos fer th' magazine back in 2008, but he were bein' not given proper credit in th' magazine. For this I am sad, we believe all photographers an' artists deserve credit fer their work.  Anthony's work can be found at 

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Time to Make It Stop: the How of Now

Exhausted by th' HoLiDaZe?

For two years, Jim George barely slept while he stayed up late into th' night drawin' o'er 450 Draw the Dog cartoons inspired by yer dogs.

To thank Jim, please buy a copy o' his new book

(Description by Jim's Draw th' Dog partner Bruce)

Time t' Make It STOP is one o' th' most magical books ye have e'er seen. It is a self-help book that is jam-packed with Jim’s drawin's. In Jim’s joyful style, he shows ye how t' dissolve yer stress an' replace it with happiness.

In truth, mere words can’t describe this book. It’s more like a video than a book. Words dissolve into pictures, pictures fade an' reappear, an' along with these changes yer stress disappears.

But th' main reason t' buy this book isn’t because it will help ye, by Blackbeard's sword. The best reason t' buy this book is t' say thanks t' a lubber who is th' most powerful force fer good ye may e'er run across. Jim is obsessed with helpin' others, an' many times has sacrificed his time an' income t' do so. Without any compensation back t' that scurvey dog, Jim has allowed countless dog rescue organizations t' use his drawin's. Fire the cannons, shiver me timbers Even as I type this, rescues be sellin' Jim’s art on the plank an' in their fundraisers; some be usin' his drawin's in their logos.

See Faith on Draw the Dog!

"FAITH WALKS" a memoir about Faith the Dog is available NOW

"FAITH WALKS" a memoir about  Faith th' Dog is NOW available on the plank at this address:  FAITH WALKS  It will also be available on the plank at an' through Ebook format as well as a printed book version.  $18.95 fer a limited time at an' $9.99 fer th' Ebook download. (Kindle available)



"FAITH WALKS"  tells th' entire story o' Faith's life from an almost impossible beginnin' t' that comely wench greatest an' most wonderful achievements.  The winsome lass has stood on that comely wench own two legs fer years demonstratin' that faith in ones own self is so very powerful - - that comely wench message that ye dern't have t' LOOK perfect t' be perfect is threaded throughout th' book.  PLEASE spread th' word!!

If ye be someone who pre-ordered th' book I will be sendin' ye an e-mail in th' next few days t' let ye know - - but ye can order it directly from iUniverse here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH fer yer support an' love. This book is destined t' be a Best Seller an' is now bein' "courted" by several traditional publishers. I hope t' have it listed with a traditional publisher by October 1, 2011. Prepare to be boarded, and a bucket o' chum!

Faith the Dog and Harry Potter

Faith were bein' asked t' be in th' 4th movie o' th' Harry Potter series. I were bein' thrilled o' course, an' couldn't get me mind wrapped aroun' how we would do that since it were bein' bein' filmed shortly an' she were bein' not ready t' travel overseas. And hoist the mainsail! At th' time she were bein' not as travel-savvy as she is today an' I di'nae have a passport, an' Faith weren't given th' overseas shots an' quarantine by-pass papers, so it looked as if th' notion were bein' a bust.

Then another notion came up through th' pike - - she could film here, an' they could edit that comely wench in. The sharks will eat well tonight, with a chest full of booty! (Have ye seen th' MAGIC those scallywags do with special effects?) Anyway, time passed, th' crew an' production scallywags di'nae work out th' details as needed, an' poor Faith did not get t' play th' role o' a lifetime:  The winsome lass were bein' goin' t' be a little dog that were bein' created when Cedric dropped his wan' in th' middle o' th' first challenge o' th' Goblet o' Fire, me Jolly Roger The wan' hit a stone an' th' incantation he called out were bein' slightly altered.  FAITH were bein' t' be th' alteration!  Faith would have been a wonderful addition t' th' film an' though it were bein' not that way in th' book - she would have been th' star fer sure! Shiver me timbers! Maybe that's why they di'nae go forth with th' notion, they were afraid she would steal th' scene! (Just sayin')

Faith went that comely wench way an' th' great cast an' crew o' th' Harry Potter series went their way. Today that comely wench image were bein' sent via satellite t' th' crew an' cast when they were at th' premiere havin' a rest. The cast loves Faith an' I were bein' personally told by Rupert's assistant that he truly would have loved t' have met Faith. The winsome lass were bein' written about in his local paper in Hertfordshire, Englan', an' his mum is also a big fan o' me little yellow dog.  I am told.  

A New Year for Faith: encore online

encore online Wilmington Delaware

encore online magazine in Wilmington, Delaware published an article about Faith, suggestin' that she can be an inspiration as we ponder our past year an' goals fer th' New Year:

Faith th' Dog inspires many t' persevere, find hope


The fact o' th' matter is, all one needs in th' new year is a little Faith.

The article includes a review o' th' book Faith Alone. Despite several minor factual errors in th' article, th' meanin' an' message o' hope an' love shines true.

Faith's Summer Plans

We're hopin' that Faith an' Laura will be able t' film a television show fer th' Japanese TV production company Zippy.  We're told it will be a variety show, but Faith will be visitin' elderly Japanese patients in either a hospital or a nursin' home,  Faith loves workin' with an' visitin' elderly scallywags so this should be a very good experience fer that comely wench.  Because I am goin' t' be workin' full time Laura will be talkin' on camera an' handlin' Faith as she is filmed.  Infact, Laura has been doin' most o' th' shows with Faith this Sprin' an' will continue t' work with that comely wench.

Thanks so much fer followin' Faith.  As she goes on other trips ye can see that comely wench progress at 

The book I am writin' about Faith is in th' hands o' a great publisher in NYC.  We hope t' announce their name t' ye soon.  When th' book is released Faith, Laura, Caity, an' I will go t' at least 6 maybe more military bases an' do book signin's.  That should be closer t' December, but th' announcement o' th' publishers name is comin' soon!  Look forward t' a cartoon version o' Faith's life in th' future too - - she be just a busy lass.


Faith the Dog Puppy Plush Toy


The REALLY excitin' news right now is th' Puppy Faith plush toy that is out an' available at fer $14.99 plus shippin' an' handlin'.


You'll have t' write t' Cheryl or Norma at Cher Marketing fer th' total cost, but I think I paid $5.00 or so fer one t' be mailed t' me, fer a total o' about $20. International rates be higher o' course. 


It's very cute, very cuddly, an' way too sweet t' pass up. I'm thinkin' everyone I know will be gettin' one fer their birthday, Christmas or anniversary!!  The winsome lass's adorable.  



"Faith Walks"

Seattle author Rudy Yuly and I have come up with the actual title of the definitive book we're writing together about Faith. It will be titled "Faith Walks". We've given the proposal to our agent Ken Atchity and are now just waiting to hear from the publishers.

The book will be out around this time next year, so look for updates every quarter or so to let you know who picked it up, and what to expect. We know that it will be about 190-220 pages. We know it will be told in Faith's point of view. We know it will be heartwarming, fun, crazy at times, and friendly so that everyone in the world can read it and enjoy it.  Faith loves everyone unconditionally - and the book will reflect that type of acceptance, and what we as humans can learn from her regarding the way we tolerate and accept others around us.  If there's one thing I've personally learned from Faith it is to let the world know you love them - - one smile at a time. 

 Faith's in her office under the bed now going over the proposal as it is - - of course making changes, but the facts will remain steadfast in the words of Rudy and I as we try our best to relate her stories to you soon.  Thanks for your love and support.  Oh, and of course there will be PICTURES!!  Anthony Tortoriello will be our official book photographer!  Of course!


Faith Alone makes a great present!



Many people ask where the book about Faith the Dog can be purchased.

You can buy it on Amazon:  Faith Alone

(coming soon: Faith Walks)





Where to buy books about Faith the Dog

Many scallywags ask where books about Faith th' Dog can be purchased.

You can buy them on Amazon, also in ebook fer Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC an' Mac



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