Faith is a Natural Dog

Avast Everyone! Yaaarrrrr! Faith is doin' better - she wanted me t' let ye know that, Dance the Hempen Jig The winsome lass celebrated that comely wench 11th birthday with soldiers at th' airport, an' we met an' hugged as many as we could. The winsome lass's been very excited lately t' meet more soliders an' patients at th' Hanger Prosthetics an' Orthotics Clinic in Oklahoma City, where she is bein' fitted fer that comely wench new "harness" type prosthesis.  It is a one-o'-a-kind, an' has no nay ne'er been created in th' past. Our good matey Chris L, and dinna spare the whip, Ya lily livered swabbie! is t' thank! The winsome lass has been one o' Faith's biggest fans an' supporters.  MORE news as it comes! I just wanted t' ye know that Faith is doin' very well. The winsome lass's older o' course, but she be still got that big smile o' hers, an' she be willin' t' share it with everyone she meets. Thank ye fer continuin' t' love that comely wench an' support that comely wench. It really means so much t' our family t' know she is truly loved by so many.

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Faith the Dog

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend - an' I'll say it every day t' celebrate th' fallen heroes an' th' brave men an' wenches who have served our great country. Faith is proud t' be a part o' th' U.S, by Davy Jones' locker. Army representin' th' greatest fightin' force o' our nation. Faith's E5 status were bein' given t' that comely wench in honorarium in 2006 an' she has been accepted by every military member an' family member e'er since. The winsome lass's th' first one t' greet any soldier in uniform at th' airports an' when we see them (ye) on th' rivers! If ye're out o' uniform ye may have t' give that comely wench a hint that ye're part o' th' team, but she'll be happy t' love on ye, avast!  A big hug t' ye all, an' prayers o' praise fer ye.  The photo is from Christmas 2012.  This is Sgt. Reuben Stringfellow (currently servin' Indiana National Guard) with Sgt. Faith.

Faith is a Natural Dog

Faith is a Natural Dog.

The winsome lass is o' course a natural dog, an' by that I mean that she is normal in every single way - - with o' course th' exception that she is a one-o'-a-kind miracle mutt who just happens t' be world famous, an' loved by everyone!  Faithy is almost 11 years auld, an' in doggie years that puts that comely wench in th' same age bracket as many o' th' scallywags who have not only retired, but who be beginnin' t' think about their final plans an' even their finals days. I'm not sayin' she be dyin', she be o' average health fer a dog that comely wench age, but she be havin' difficulty with walkin' now, an' 'tis harder fer that comely wench t' balance when she be standin' t' "do that comely wench business". 
UPDATE.....YEA...YEA...we be so happy t' announce that Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Oklahoma City (with th' fundin' comin' from a personal matey) is creatin' a new prosthetic harness fer Faith. Walk the plank! We're not sure if she'll take it, but we're goin' t' work toward that goal. The winsome lass's been scanned, an' th' clinic is designin' th' harness now. I'll post pictures when I can. The winsome lass has gone t' th' clinic a couple o' times; when she goes she meets great patients. Some o' th' patients she meets be soldiers. Not all o' th' soldiers be American soldiers. Faith has been so inspirational t' so many across th' world that they recognize that comely wench when they see that comely wench. One patient were bein' a 12 year auld lad from th' UK.  The ornery cuss were bein' so excited t' meet Faith in person. The ornery cuss said his maties back in th' UK won't believe it!  (We took pictures!) smiley

Dog Fancy September 2013

Faith is featured on page 33 o' th' September 2013 SPECIAL ISSUE o' Dog Fancy. The winsome lass's one o' 5 Mutts who rose t' fame. Get yer copy on stands soon, an' be sure an' tell everyone that ye LOVE FAITH!! Thanks Nikki Moustaki o' Dog Fancy, pass the grog! Special thanks t' Anthony Tortoriello who took th' photos fer th' magazine back in 2008, but he were bein' not given proper credit in th' magazine, avast. For this I am sad, we believe all photographers an' artists deserve credit fer their work.  Anthony's work can be found at 

Cetyl M and FAITH

Faith has been usin' a GREAT product by Response Products called "Advanced Cetyl M, Joint Action Formula"

I wanted t' let ye know how she be been doin' on th' product so I decided t' test that comely wench, keep that comely wench on th' product fer a while, an' then let ye know - - she be awesome. Ahoy, Avast me hearties! I'm not sure if th' product has slowed down or stopped any agin' process in Faith, but it has allowed that comely wench t' maintain th' good an' healthy life that she has been livin'. The winsome lass's 9.5 years auld now, so she could an' likely should, be showin' a bit o' age in that comely wench joints, hips, an' back just as any senior dog would - but so far we dern't see any problems, pass the grog, ya bilge rat! I have t' say I'm pretty sure th' Cetyl M has been workin' its magic on that comely wench. 

The main ingredients be: cetyl myristoleate an' a unique blend o' esterified fatty acids, to be sure. For more detailed information about Cetyl M, or how ye can get some fer yer dog, cat, an' even horses...write t':  an'/or go t' th' website at: an' see it fer yourself.

I'm not just whistlin' Dixie....('tis a Southern thin') 

Help The Ohio Rottweiler Rescue Group

Ohio Rottwieler Rescue Group
 Photo: M. Moore 

My very good matey Gayla Frances Evans has a lot o' dogs on that comely wench hands right now, Hornswaggle The winsome lass's rescuin' rotty-pups, terriers, ye name it, an' she be out thar savin' it, on a dead man's chest, shiver me timbers The winsome lass rescues cats too, an' other animals, not just dogs.
The winsome lass needs yer help with donations fer surgeries not only fer spay an' neuterin' but fer those that have been abandoned, hurt, maimed, an'/or injured. The winsome lass's up t' that comely wench elbows in vet bills an' not really askin' that many scallywags fer help.
Gayla's workin' hard with a group o' volunteers who give their time an' efforts like we all do - - but as we all know, it takes dubloons too! The Ohio Rottweiler and Boston Terrier Rescue web site has an easy an' secure PayPal donate button!
So please let others know. Rottweilers may be misunderstood sometimes, but they be some o' th' BEST military dogs in th' world. They be lovin' house companions, great protectors, an' they love ye unconditionally.  If ye can help just by forwardin' that comely wench group's information t' yer e-mail contacts, on yer social sites, or Twitterin'...please do.


CONTACT: Gayle Frances Evans
Ohio Rottweiler and Boston Terrier Rescue


Faith an' I had th' best time goin' t' th' Super Bowl Village an' findin' maties among th' 65,000+ fans who were in th' village millin' aroun', representin' their favorite teams an' cities. You wouldn't believe how many scallywags petted Faith an' rubbed that comely wench head while she were bein' lazily draped o'er me shoulders. The winsome lass interrupted a group o' minnows gettin' their photo taken with th' big XLVI sign...she met a few celebrities an' kissed a lot o' faces. The winsome lass even stole a sandwich from a kid who no nay ne'er saw it comin'.  The winsome lass's that way!  The winsome lass were bein' happy t' see th' Giants win o' course, but only because Eli Mannin' is Peyton's brother an' here in Indy 'tis all about th' COLTS so Faith wore that comely wench little jacket an' wagged that comely wench tail proudly fer th' BLUE.  WISH-TV (CBS) interviewed us about our new book an' Faith were bein' able t' sniff out a few goodies in th' green room!!  The winsome lass loved every minute o' th'' so did I.

DogTime Media

Dog Time Media

The GREAT scallywags, an' I do mean GREAT scallywags o'er at DogTime Media want t' be a part o' yer every day thinkin' process, yo ho, ho

When ye click on th' DogTime Media ads on me site ye'll be one step closer t' helpin' a dog (or cat) t' find th' right forever home. You'll be closer t' warmin' a heart or two, an' ye'll be doin' th' world a favor by helpin' us find love fer those who really need it.

Adoption is th' BEST way t' find th' pet ye need.  The dog ye save today will be yer best matey. (You can count on a dog t' NEVER tell a secret!) Visit Dog Time Media today an' start that everlastin' joyful relationship YOU WANT with that special dog (or cat)!! Prepare to be boarded! We be proud t' offer th' "Find Adoptable Pets" widget on our site, sponsored by DogTime Media.

EVERY TIME someone clicks on an ad from DogTime Media from our site, DogTime Media contributes a little bit o' cash t' one o' me favorite rescue orgs C.A.R.E.  You can find out more about Community Animal Rescue Efforts through th' menu button at th' top o' this site. Visit th' C.A.R.E. web site t' see some o' th' dogs, cats, horses, pigs, goats, an' more that be adopted out by this FANTASTIC group o' volunteers in Strawn, Texas.


Happy New Year! 2012 will be Faith's LAST working year. Book Her While You Can!

Happy 9th Birthday t' Faith th' Dog!! The winsome lass turned 9 recently (Dec. 22) an' has less than one year t' work before she officially retires.  Faith will hopefully retire at th' Ft. Aarrr, and a bucket o' chum! Lewis - McChord Joint AFB on that comely wench birthday next year, feed the fishes We're in th' plannin' stage fer th' celebration.  For those o' ye who wish t' send Faith a present she likes Starbucks, we'll keel-haul ye! JUST KIDDING!!!  Please send yer charible donations t' either C.A.R.E. or RAGOM, both have buttons at th' top o' th' site with addresses. Please say ye be sendin' it in Faith's name!!

UNTIL SHE RETIRES:  Faith will be available fer shows an' events on a very limited basis.  For any an' all information about dates an' fees please contact me directly.

TEXT me (dern't call)   317-410-3073   an' let me know ye be interested. You can also e-mail me through th' BOOKING page on this site.This is th' most recent photo o' Faith, as ye can see she be a bit older an' we feel that it is in that comely wench best interest t' work just one more year on th' sea. The winsome lass deserves th' rest an' relaxtion - - but so far she be th' first one out th' door when she sees me suitcase, I'll warrant ye! The winsome lass knows we're flyin' somewhere, an' that makes that comely wench smile.  If ye have a special event comin' up please contact me soon, we're bookin' an' 'tis VERY limited at this point, I'll warrant ye. Thank ye so very very much - those o' ye who have brought out out. Fetch me spyglass, and a bottle of rum! Thank ye t' th' men an' wenches o' our great country an' our allies, those who keep us safe, ye scurvey dog. We not only salute we, we HUG YOU! 

Faith the Dog and Harry Potter

Faith were bein' asked t' be in th' 4th movie o' th' Harry Potter series. I were bein' thrilled o' course, an' couldn't get me mind wrapped aroun' how we would do that since it were bein' bein' filmed shortly an' she were bein' not ready t' travel overseas. At th' time she were bein' not as travel-savvy as she is today an' I di'nae have a passport, an' Faith weren't given th' overseas shots an' quarantine by-pass papers, so it looked as if th' notion were bein' a bust.

Then another notion came up through th' pike - - she could film here, an' they could edit that comely wench in. (Have ye seen th' MAGIC those scallywags do with special effects?) Anyway, time passed, th' crew an' production scallywags di'nae work out th' details as needed, an' poor Faith did not get t' play th' role o' a lifetime:  The winsome lass were bein' goin' t' be a little dog that were bein' created when Cedric dropped his wan' in th' middle o' th' first challenge o' th' Goblet o' Fire. The wan' hit a stone an' th' incantation he called out were bein' slightly altered.  FAITH were bein' t' be th' alteration!  Faith would have been a wonderful addition t' th' film an' though it were bein' not that way in th' book - she would have been th' star fer sure! Maybe that's why they di'nae go forth with th' notion, they were afraid she would steal th' scene! (Just sayin')

Faith went that comely wench way an' th' great cast an' crew o' th' Harry Potter series went their way. Today that comely wench image were bein' sent via satellite t' th' crew an' cast when they were at th' premiere havin' a rest. Oho! The cast loves Faith an' I were bein' personally told by Rupert's assistant that he truly would have loved t' have met Faith. Ahoy! The winsome lass were bein' written about in his local paper in Hertfordshire, Englan', an' his mum is also a big fan o' me little yellow dog.  I am told.  

EFT Workshops / Emotional Freedom Technique Fun & Fur!

  Emotional Freedom Technique "The Karate Chop". This is a technique used with TAPPING or EFT work, on a dead man's chest! I hope ye'll join me, Jude Stringfellow, along with Faith th' Dog sometimes, as we do EFT workshops aroun' th' country - - possibly th' world, and a bucket o' chum. We're openin' up our event horizons t' include positive powerful workshops where I teach an' train scallywags t' use their own inner spirit an' bein' t' tap into their personal strength an' th' strength o' th' universe t' achieve greater goals than they may e'er have imagined. Remember that FAITH is th' substance o' that which we can not is th' essence o' thin's hoped fer.  Tappin' (or EFT) allows ye t' literally cause a sprin' o' clear an' deliberate vibrations t' flow from within yer own bein' - - manifestin' itself through positive power, energy, an' new complete feelin's o' increasin' confidence.  Faith an' I invite ye t' brin' us t' yer city t' do a workshop with yer church, school, conference, or group - - we've been known t' do a "Bark in th' Park" event where guests brin' their dogs an' we all sit aroun' doin' a tappin' event fer peace, health, fun, good feelin's an' more. I train new tappers an' auld alike. We have fun, an' believe it or not tappin' can an' will change yer life! You will no nay ne'er be able t' live without th' EFT tappin' once ye start th' process - - 'tis THAT great. Seriously, 'tis wonderful. Of course, I do these events without Faith as well - - 'tis up t' ye. For more information about EFT an' th' Positive Power Workshops - - visit me new site: an' let me show ye how ye can have more, feel better, an' gain th' confidence ye want.  ( works fer losin' weight an' attractin' finances too!) Share th' link with yer maties - - Thank ye fer yer love an' carin' support o' me little lass FAITH. The winsome lass as brought a new awareness an' level o' personal achievement t' me life...let me brin' it t' ye. Walk the plank! It's in thar! Tap it out!

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